Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Do female comics make you uncomfortable?

I performed at the Laugh Factory's open mic in Los Angeles last night and 30 seconds into my set the owner asked me to leave the stage because I wasn't being "G-Rated". Apparently it's too racy to put the mic between your tits and pretend it's a penis. Now rules are rules and if the owner is watching his back after the whole Michael Richards mess I completely understand- but last night other MALE comics talked about their dicks, their "well-hung retarded brother's cock", their juicy man tits and mentioned illegal drugs numerous times.

I'm not a sensitive girl- I just want to unblur the grey zone. It's difficult being a female comic in a male dominated comic world- am I alone here?

Maybe the world is turning amish...



Janet said...

I'm going to go ahead and admit it.... YES, female comics make me uncomfortable. I am also uncomfortable with them driving, balancing a check book and voting. And by them I mean female comics. Funny women have NO business doing anything.

raybh said...

Janet, dont you have any self respect? You just made a total jackass out of yourself. Fucking idiot