Sunday, April 8, 2007


I can't make a movie by myself but I can tell when a movie is bad. Similarly, I can't figure-skate but when I watch figure skating on TV and a skater falls I know they aren't doing a very good job.

As for a bad movie I'm referring to the double feature GRINDHOUSE.

I really wish GRINDHOUSE was good. I sacrificed my Easter holiday where I could have been spreading the word of Jesus Christ and finding chocolate eggs to sit through a 3 1/2 hour masturbation session staring none other than Mr. Tarantino. (of course he acts in both Planet Terror and Death Proof- has he always been this unattractive?)

If you haven't seen Death Proof-Tarantino's film, here's the entire movie:
Feet, hot chicks, feet, feet, hot chicks, hot chicks, feet, stunts, feet!

Too bad the actual name "Tarantino" is so much cooler than his movie. Good concept bad execution.

p.s. If the movie "DON'T" ever gets made please please please give me a call.


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