Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'll Make Breakfast

I went to a holiday party this weekend and drank way too much. At the party I ran into the company's owner and asked him when he was leaving town to head back to New York. He said he'd be leaving in the morning. Without thinking I said "Oh I should make you breakfast before your flight!" Boy that came out wrong! What I meant to say was "We should have breakfast before your flight." - like at a restaurant with people around not in our pjs after a night of straight sex (icky)

Even though the male owner knows I'm a lesbian he looked at me like I was hitting on him and walked away from me. Which made me scream after him- "Don't you remember I'm a dyke?"
He kept walking away but other party goers heard me- and one heavy set girl smiled and winked.- It was like a John Hughes movie.

Anyway- the moral of the story is: Don't drink and offer culinary service.



1 comment:

Kuulei said...

If only a sassy young gay man were present to shout out "Oh no she di'in," your evening would have been complete!