Monday, December 24, 2007

Is it 2008 YET?

Since I won't be traveling to the East Coast to celebrate Christmas with my immediate family this year I find myself waiting for Christmas to pass by so I can get excited about New Years. (that sounds Scroogish but it's reality people- don't judge me!)

Thinking positively about 2008 I have made a list of 10 things I want to accomplish this year:

1. Go to the dentist.

2. Acquire my very own parking space (not that driving around Hollywood for an hour every night isn't lovely)

3. Crack the Da Vinci Code (wait has that already been done?)

4. Travel abroad.

5. Have sex abroad or domestically or in my imagination. (I'm not a picky woman)

6. Go to the dentist.

7. Cure cancer (wait I should start smaller...Cure my endless appetite for Thai food. Dear God, Why do I love Thai food so much?)

8. Acquire a zillion dollars so I can buy a zillion pairs of pants so I will NEVER have to do laundry again.

9. Go to the dentist and ask for a massive amount of free floss in case I don't go back to the dentist for awhile. (why is dental insurance so expensive?)

10. Interview the Dahlia Lama on my new "Brunch with Bridget" vlog on And if Mr. Lama isn't available I want to interview the lady that delivers my mail so I can ask her why she always gives my neighbors my mail by accident- I mean how hard is it to differentiate between apt 9 and apt 10???)

Happy Holidays! I hope Santa Claus gives you all that you have ever wanted- except for guns! If you asked Santa for guns I hope he doesn't give you that because they are scary and you could really hurt yourself and others.

Love and ho ho ho!



Bridget said...

5. Have sex abroad or domestically or in my imagination. (I'm not a picky woman)


lmao! i think im going to add that to my list of things to accomplish in ' may be the only thing on my list actually...

Christina said...

I also agree with the sex resolution. And the Thai food one. Mmm. Preferably BOTH on the SAME DAY. Jesus, I'd probably just explode with delight.

braillements said...

you can have sex wih me if you'd like.
in that case, abroad would be in paris (:

i found a video of one of your show (: you're quite funny ,
and you are defenitely cute.

bisous d'une jeune (fille) fran├žaise