Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hi guys- the "Brunch With Bridget" video blog is up. Here's the direct link in case you're too lazy to patrol the website:

Enjoy your Sunday.


p.s. I heart you Joni!


Lady of Leisure said...

Loved the new vlog on AfterEllen and I will now have to tune in every week because A). it made me laugh out loud several times B). because Bridget is hot and has a killer sense of humor (hence the fact that she's a comedian) and 3). because Joni the sidekick is a laughmonger as well. Can't wait to see who guest stars next and to witness several more of those titillating pillow fights. I have one suggestion: though pillow fights are great, turkish oil wrestling (soon to come on the L Word) is even better!

Agnieszka said...

The new vlog is great! Pillow fight rules! Oh, and I love Baby Bridget. She's quite taciturn, but when she says something... `I HOPE YOU'RE IN HELL!` LOL
Bridget - you are awesome ;)

brazilian girls said...

classic and titillating indeed.

i'm much to lazy to register on afterellen, but i did check out the vlog after seeing some standup vids...gots to say, hi-lar-i-ous.

you just landed in lala?
have you thought about tv? cause springtime is around the corner, and that's when madtv is gonna be doing thee olde fuck-every-comic-within-a-72-mile-radius
routine. if you're extra-fuckable good they keep you around for the new season. where you can pine away not getting an opportunity to get in any of the sketches because the writers only write for the regulars and you eventually lose it and move to sacramento to live in a trailer dying alone and bitter and crying, wiping your snot on dirty white socks from the floor.

could be a fun ride.

take care chiquita.