Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mickey Mouse Club

My friend Lauren is in town from San Francisco and tonight we went out to eat with all her 22 year old friends. I always forget that Lauren is 22 which makes her a "fetus" friend- anyone under 25 is dubbed fetus in my world- sorry I'm an ageist.

I dragged the Mickey Mouse Club to an Italian restaurant in Marina Del Rey. As we looked over the menu one of Lauren's friend said:

"If this is an Italian restaurant than why is the menu in Spanish?"

To which I responded:

"The menu is in Italian. Italian and Spanish are similar."

I thought she was kidding but she wasn't. That's it- that's the end. I just wanted to share.


p.s. I really do love people under 25 years old- as long as they are smart. :)



mega said...

Since I've turned 30, it seems everyone else is getting younger and younger.
Is it just me?

Natazzz said...

Oh man. I have no tolerance for stupid people...

Mega, it's not just you ;-)

lil yankee said...

Do you understand italian?? Mostly, do you speak italian?