Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Voting is a Privilege

It's 4:30pm PST- the East Coast voters only have a little time to get to their voting polls and I encourage them to do so. Being able to vote is a HUGE privilege - some other countries don't allow their citizens to vote.

Please make the effort. Vote for who YOU think will best represent you and your needs. If you are not registered to vote make sure you go to the post office or DMV and fill out the paperwork so you are able to vote in the Presidential election in the fall.

I went to my voting place today and it smelled like rotten period- it was seriously the nastiest thing in the entire world yet I sucked it up because as an US citizen over the age of 18 it's my duty to vote in EVERY election. Voting matters people!

Ok I'm done preaching.


p.s. the voting poll really smelled bad- it was disturbing...

p.s.s. I would NEVER date someone that didn't vote.

p.s.s.s. God Bless America Motherfuckers!!!

1 comment:

Helena said...

I knew there was a reason I continue to vote. Does this mean I'm still in the pool?

Or I am disqualified for placing "donkey" votes?

Ok... well.. the moral to this story is, wait, it doesn't need a moral. As there was no story. The world makes sense!