Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm 6 years late in seeing the Academy Award nomination film UNFAITHFUL starring Diane Lane. Last night I finally sat down and put it in (that's what she said) and was pleasantly surprised with how TERRIBLE it was.

*If you haven't seen the film and you want to (for some dumb reason) than don't read any more of this blog.

Here are just some of my many critical thoughts:

#1 Painfully obvious writing and acting (except for #3)
#2 Richard Gere was as interesting as watching paint dry

Wait -seriously when people raved about this film I didn't hear anything about a snowglobe murder- that was insane and completely shocking! Who thinks of shit like that? well I guess screenwriters Alvin Sargent and William Broyles Jr. who adapted the film from Claude Chabrol's "La Femme infidèle- I think something was lost in translation.

You have to be a pretty big douche to be killed by a snowglobe- that's queerer than I am.

I wonder if snowglobe sales suffered in 2002 with the release of this film.

In closing- WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?

p.s. I need to start my collection of snowglobes IMMEDIATELY!


Nurse W said...

I had high hopes for this movie too. I mean Diane Lane having an affair with a Frenchy. Must be hot (or not). I think that Family Guy should parody that snowglobe scene. Hey if you're collecting snowglobes you should see if you can get a hold of the one from Citizen Kane!

celia said...

I have seen all kind of snowglobs. with monuments, cathedrals, famous bridges (not Bridgets, it's a good idea though), churches, temples, castles and palaces(I'm Spanish, so u can find all of them in those horrible souvenirs-stores... I'm sure u can find them even of abull fighting!),with Christmas motives, with famous characters... but my favorite, is one who once give me my father when I was achild. it was an Alf snowball!!! yes, that funny alien who enjoy eating cats (by the way, who doesn't?). It was awesome!. i still keep it (you never know when will the show be re-aired, or when will they make the movie!!). I could never murder someone with it... blod is difficult to clean. any other great snowglobe for Bridget's collection?