Sunday, April 20, 2008


Aldo is a shoe store that I use to shop at during high school. In the last few years I've been purchasing more "sporty" wear shoes (aka DYKE shoes that are flat and good for adventures) but now in my "adulthood" I wanted to get some "lady shoes". (In case you didn't know I love using "quotes")

Last week I purchased a pair of black sandals that had a heel made of cork (classy eh?- but you never know when you will need to thumbtack a memo to them) and they cost me $86. I took them home and opened the box and decided I hated them before I even put them on again. I've been delaying on returning them cuz I'm lazy but tonight I dragged my ass up and walked to Aldo.

I gave the man at the counter my receipt and credit card and he reviewed the shoes. Then he handed the receipt back to me and said I'd have to come back tomorrow. I asked "Why?" and he said he wasn't authorized to give refunds on "worn" shoes. I told him I hadn't worn them- I didn't even wear them in my apartment. He told me this was clearly not the case. (ok anyone who knows me knows I get pissed when there is injustice in the world. And at this moment this man was attacking my character and saying that I'm someone who would wear an item and then return it- which is essentially stealing- and I would NOT steal) This man was accusing me of a crime that I didn't commit- at this moment I knew how Nelson Mandela felt!

I asked the clerk what his name was and he said "Omar".

I HATE Omar!

I got the name of his manager and the corporate office phone number so I can call and complain about the time I had to waste by going into their store twice to return the same pair of shoes. I told Omar that since I hadn't worn the shoes that maybe the shoes in Aldo were dirty while in the store (that seems like a dumb response in retrospect) yet the tone (aka SCREAMING) got my point across.

I left the store, promptly called the corporate office which is closed on the weekend and started to walk home and thought- well I guess the shoes were kinda cute so I might as well keep them.

Below is a picture of the bottom of the shoes. Do they look worn to you?




Nurse W said...

Personally I am anti-Aldo because of their crappy service. They do not look worn. I am impressed that you can walk in those!

Thinker-Thought said...

No, those don't look worn. But more importantly. YOU WERE FANTASTIC in episode 9 of 3way!!!! Just finished watching it and loved it, well and loved you in it.

Natazzz said...

Take them back again. You know you don't really like them ;)
Besides, they don't look like they're worth $86. Just sayin'.

Jadey said...

eugh assholes, they don't look worn at all.
I have never had this happen to me, but i know it sucks.
Definitely complain though, that is ridiculous that you have to go back TWICE.
He probably saw the date on the receipt and thats why he thinks they were worn.

GótiKa said...

you should have hit omar in the head with the shoes. then he could say they had been worn.

Skechers said...

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