Monday, May 26, 2008

Just keeping it REAL

I just returned to California after 10 days on the East Coast. I was in Boston attending my brother's college graduation (my brother received a degree in Illustration, I received a Drama degree and my sister received a degree in Art- I feel bad for my parents)

On Saturday, I decided to take a bus from Boston to New York. All seemed well until the bus backed out of the bus terminal and the driver got on the loud speaker to announce that he was not from the New England area therefore we should monitor him to make sure he was going in the correct direction. Everyone on the bus laughed assuming the driver was joking- he was NOT. Then the driver said Greyhound had provided him with directions and he would do his best to get us to get us there.

The driver said "I'm just keeping it real! I'm not from around here so we might not get to New York." Then he asked the passengers to help him out, "If anyone knows how to get to New York please switch seats and sit up front I can have a co-pilot." I volunteered to be his co-pilot since I have driven from Boston to New York before.

4 hours later with one pit stop at McDonalds (not my choice of course) we arrived at Port Authority Bus terminal in New York City.

Since we're all "keeping it real" I'm wondering, since I helped navigate to our destination, do you think I should have had to paid for my bus ticket?

Also, why does this dumb shit happen to me?


Natazzz said...

When I was in college, the same thing used to happen to me when taking a cab home after a night of drinking. Either help with directions or not get home at all. Such fun.

Marian said...

I had a friend that was always surprised taxi drivers knew his little out-of-the-way street. Then he found out he was two doors down from a brothel. Good times.

Nicole said...

I was on a bus from NYC to MD... May 13th. Sounds like we had the same driver, mine said the exact same thing minus the part about New England, obviously.
It was annoying but I was tired and we got there on-time.

Maya said...

it builds character? =P

Claudia said...

look at it this way: you have more material for your stand-up act... :)

TheWeyrd1 said...

It's the vibe you put out. Which, if you look at it positively, means that you end up with new material!

whitelabcoat said...

Just discovered this blog (then realized it was mentioned way back on AE, which probably means I should try to pay more attention to stuff when it actually happens).

That bus trip - wow; and, yeah, I think your co-piloting skills should have led to a refund, or at least a nice gift - like chocolate or something.

When I traveled from NYC to Boston on the Greyhound a couple of years back, we made a MacDonald's stop too (in Connecticut, I think). On the up-side, our driver did know where she was going, so my trauma was pretty limited.

Loucritia13 said...

Hi! I'm Greek and during the annual school-trip, while I was in high school, me and my classmates were about to visit southern Greece. Our main destination was the city Nafplion, in Peloponnese.

In the beginnig of our trip, we are on a ferry boat, its 6am, its still very dark outside, the wind blows, its raining and we believe that we are going to end up at the bottom of the sea! That's the time when the captain's cabin opens, our bus-driver comes out and says: "So we are going to Nafpaktos, eh? "

And we all think "We're scrued!"
Cause "Nafpaktos" has nothing to do with "Nafplion"!

Anyway, the ferry-boat didn't sunk afterall, but after we arrived at
Nafplion our bus driver couldnt find the way back home! So we wondered for hours and hours in the Peloponnesian mountains untill we found some people that gave us the right directions! :P