Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cactus Meat?

I just finished watching IRON CHEF and the "challenger" made a dish with "cactus meat" I didn't know cactuses had meat! Did you?

Please let me know if there are other meats on this planet that I'm unaware of.


Natazzz said...

Do you think they call it that just to mess with vegetarians?

JaggyL said...

Coconuts have flesh I think?

startattoo said...

Learn something new everyday...


pyewacket said...

Actually I did know about cactus meat. I am sure there are others if I just think about it for a moment.

But anyway, if you are stranded in the desert...cactus meat is what you are to seek out for survival.

It is where the cactus keeps all the water/moisture that it absorbs.

Cut open the cactus and cut out the meat...and suck on and eat the meat for the water content.

I saw it on an old episode of Big Valley or High Chaparral...or some other old-time western.

The things you learn while watching tv.


Vikki said...

I've eaten cactus before (in tacos) and found it quite tasty. I guess if you leave the pokey parts on, you could use them for toothpicks after the meal.

Artcore said...

Well in Germany we call the inner of fruits fruitmeat. (I guess the correct english translation is flesh ?)
But from time to time I get really annoyed by vegetarians (espacially pescetarians, the ones who eat fish). I mean what's wrong with you ? Humans are omnivores, look at your teeth. I once dated a girl who was vegan (yes I now the difference between vegan and vegetarian) and it was hell. I cooked for her, waited for her to see her shiny eyes thanking me for the dinner, but all i got was a reproachful look and a cold bed that night.

Reminds me of The Simpsons:
I’m a level 5 vegan — I won’t eat anything that casts a shadow.

Argh, I want a cat of prey as my next girlfriend !

gold-digger said...

"Vegemeat" anyone?...i think this is a soy-based meat substitute. I've seen it in vegetarian restaurants in Asia. They really look like beef/chicken/pork or whatever meat it is trying to imitate, but the taste...it's debatable, to say the least. I must say it's an acquired taste.

brazilian girls said...

I had an ostrich burger the other day at a club's restaurant when interviewing a band after soundcheck...it was a little dry, but tasty.

Leah said...

This post reminds me of when I was young and I thought that the little red dot on the bottom of mushrooms meant that they were filled with blood and I refused to eat them.

I was also a vegetarian for about 10 days in 1992 until I nearly fainted and my mum pumped me full of roast chicken to make me come round.