Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hi guys- Tomorrow is my 29th birthday! But before I exit my 28th year of life, I received an awesome gift: I'm on the cover of CURVE magazine! The November 2008 issue showcases America's funniest lesbians comedians. I ranked #3, Here's the top five:

#1 Ellen
#2 Suzanne Westenhoefer
#3 ME ??? (how did that happen?)
#4 Kate Clinton
#5 Dana Goldberg

Months back some of you guys went to Curvemag.com and voted online so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Those with subscriptions to CURVE already have this issue and it will be in stores for the rest of us within a few days. Also the articles will be posted online at Curvemag.com as well.

Once again THANKS guys! I obviously, couldn't do it without you.

My 28th year was the best of my life so far, I started working at Afterellen, got my own talk show on LOGO and life just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to see what happens when I turn 29!

p.s. Baby Bridget turns 1 years old tomorrow too.






happyyellowwoman said...

You most certainly have been workin' hard for the money this year! It's practically a full time job trying to keep up w/ all your appearances everywhere - I can't imagine being the one doing it! I'm so happy for you and all your success...you've def earned it!

Aaaand happy early birthday!

Camille said...

best pyramid ever!

bon anniversaire à bridget et baby bridget.

Theresa Willson said...

Bridge wow!!!!!!! This is so cool you're on the cover of Curve magazine. That's really really awesome. Congrats!!!!!! Also happy 29th and to your baby Bridge, awwww,1 cute. You rock Bridge!!!!!

Danielle said...

Congratulations Bridget!!! That's so cool you're on the cover...you totally deserve it.

Happy birthday! Does it make you feel old that you're 14 years older than me? :)

Natazzz said...


Wow @ #3 at Curve. Did you know you weren't even on that list originally?

Keep being awesome and more good stuff will follow...

gold-digger said...

oh, i greeted you too soon yesterday...now its October 22 in the morning(9:58 AM to be exact) in my side of the world...so,again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND BABY BRIDGET!

Congratulations also on your successes, and (i'm sure you worked hard for all of it but still...)may you continue to be blessed abundantly!


TheWeyrd1 said...

oo oo oo....I voted for you...several times even...heh. AND I knew it couldn't be your birthday yet! So happy happy earlyish...hehehe

K said...

Congrats Bridget!
You have deffinitely earned the place among the funniest women. It always makes my day to see your vlogs :)
And happy birthday to you and baby B.!

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

You are hilarious and absolutely deserve to be up there!

Claudia said...

Congratulations Bridget, you truly deserve it!! I did vote for you =)
And happy birthday!!! Hope you have a good one =)

Jadey said...

Wow, Go Bridge ^_^ <3
Happy Birthday too, and I hope you have a fantastic day ^_^<3

Nelfy said...

Congratulations!! You so deserve that, you worked hard for the recognition.

Have a very happy birthday!! Can't wait to see where you'll be in a year from now - probably in prime-time TV or something like that!!

Erica J said...

hey bridget

so i love afterellen and have been a big fan of yours since you started brunch - i actually checked out your blog today for the first time (didn't realize you had one)and i discovered that we have the same birthday - so happy birthday - hope you had a great day and congrats on the curves cover - very exciting

take care

Theresa Willson said...

Bridge, woah!!!!!! Wait a minute, you've been holding out on us. You're not only on one cover, you're on two. Curve and IN Magazine. Hey how about that girl? That's awesome Bridge. You rock and you know it. ;) :) Muah. Ciao.

Alizée said...

Happy belated birthday Bridget (and also Baby Bridget!) from Montréal, well actually from St-Hyacinthe, but i don't think St-Hyacinthe is on the map !

Congratulations for the Curve Magazin Cover !!

Encore bonne fête :D