Friday, October 3, 2008

I want MORE from our government!

Last night, like many of you, I watched the Vice Presidential debate and, like many of you, was hoping that Sarah Palin would crash and burn in front of the entire world yet, she didn't suck it as badly as she could of.

I'm a registered and proud Democrat so my vote is obvious, but last night my own party royally pissed me off. When the follow up question was asked to Biden and Palin "Do you support gay marriage?" both parties said, "No!" Earlier they both said they wouldn't keep gay partners from seeing their loved ones in the hospital (oh that's nice that they will let us watch our partners die in front of our eyes but they still don't "support" us.) Well I don't "support" their straight lifestyle and hypocrisy but I wouldn't dare oppose them from having equal rights.

In the year 2008 why is gay marriage still an issue? We all pay taxes and we should all be treated equally. If a straight couple gets married and has 7 kids why do they get a tax break? I fucking hate kids yet my taxes pay for public schools. I want more from our government! I want gay discrimination to stop!!!

I will be voting NO on Prop 8 to keep gay marriage legal in the state of California. Hopefully this will set an example and more and more states will get on the equality train.

If you live in California make sure you VOTE on November 4th and if you don't live in California please donate to Vote No on 8 Prop
Click this link to Donate Now and change history forever for the better.

p.s. Have your seen FOX's new moronic show HOLE IN THE WALL?
It's the most literal show title in the history of the World. I was very depressed after the debate so I flipped through the channels reviewing the policital commentary when I came across HITW- if it wasn't for that show I might have hung myself.

Here's the Japanese version of HITW:


Julia said...

HITW is kind of brilliant... sort of...

pyewacket said...

You, my dear, stated it very well. Last night, during that particular part of the debate...I couldn't believe what I was hearing and was left I let my middle fingers speak for me.

Imagine, it was the first issue that both Senator Biden and Governor Palin agreed on during last night's debate.


Anyway, I guess if you need to belong to one of the two major political parties then the democratic party is the better choice.

I am seeing less and less of a difference between them but at least the democratic party isn't trying to pray the gay away.

The only reason I will be voting democratic is because they don't have a history of sending the evangelical hounds of hell after the gay community.

But Joe Biden didn't appear to put the welcome mat out to try to make all feel welcomed by Senator Obama and himself and the democratic party. At least not at the front door...more like around the back and through the long as *wink wink* they get our vote.

aviva said...

I was furious with the way that Biden handled the gay marriage question, but I can't say that I was surprised. Obama has made it very clear that he's hedging his bets as far as LGBT issues are concerned, and I think it's part of the Obama/Biden platform that they're for gay rights and LGBT equality but anti-gay marriage as a way to appease their more conservative voters. Personally, I disagree with this strategy, but I understand the impetus; it's idiotic but quite possible that something as minor as open support for gay marriage could cost the Democrats the election and no one wants that to happen.

On the one hand, Biden is openly against "don't ask, don't tell" as a discriminatory policy and wants same-sex partners to have equal rights under the law. A quote from his government website: "Senator Biden believes legal recognition should not be denied same-sex couples. He advocates for re-examining federal laws, including the tax code, to ensure our national laws are not unfair to same-sex couples, and that committed adults who are adopting are not discriminated against because of sexual orientation. He supports letting states determine how to recognize civil unions and define marriage."

So basically he's pro-civil unions and equal domestic partnership benefits (if not "marriage" per se), anti-discrimination and pro-equal rights towards adoption. That sounds pretty heartening to me, and I'd like to believe that he'll follow through with that mandate, and encourage Obama to do the same, should they be elected.

On the other hand, the marriage question is an important semantic one, and I completely agree with you that someone needs to stand up for gay marriage rights (that's what I really liked about Hillary Clinton, but alas...). Intellectually, I can understand the need for hedging (i.e. civil unions instead of "marriage") even though it's a complete bullshit dodge and stupid that anyone cares what it's called. But personally and politically, I realize that refusing to call same-sex partnerships "marriage" is a symbolic way of refusing to acknowledge that same-sex relationships are equal and the same as heterosexual relationships.

Queers United said...

its depressing but i think he has no choice but to be for civil unions in todays climate.

Artcore said...

Treadmill + Japanese dudes = Daffy fun

Nurse W said...

I think western versions of cool Japanese things just don't work. Except for dubbed versions of Sailor Moon.

Amelia said...

My theory is that the Dems are only saying they don't support same sex marriage because they don't want to upset the voters who are still on the fence since Reps are obviously against it. This way they don't lose votes on that particular issue since both parties appear to agree on it.

It's a shit way of pulling in more votes and it sends off the wrong message. Typical behaviour from politicians.

If I lived in CA I'd definitely vote no on Prop. 8. Unfortunately I'm stuck in Scotland.