Sunday, November 9, 2008


Happy Sunday!

In today's episode of BWB I'm in bed with two Hollywood bigwigs: Page Hurwitz (co-executive producer of NBC's Last Comic Standing) and Nisha Ganatra (writer, director and star of Chutney Popcorn)

Chaos ensues. I defame Page's dog, Page mocks Nisha's spiritual practices, and together we develop the future hit television show, Is This Rancid?



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Theresa Willson said...

Hey Bridge!!!!!!! So I just finished watching this episode, and thought I'd let you know it was crazy. I thought it was really funny, fun and very entertaining to watch. Your guests Page and Nisha were also really cool and funny. Page is silly and gone like me. LOL. ;) Great job Bridge. :) Can't wait until the next one. Btw, you looked good with the glasses on also. :) ;) C-ya. Cute little sleep wear thingy too. Where do you shop in LA? Btw, going back to the Sandra Valls ep. again, what concert is that gray shirt you wore with 87 tour on it? I can't really see what or who is on it. I like it. It's a cool lookng one. You must have always been funny. WTG!!!!!!!! You are so so funny. Hilarious really. Ciao.