Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night was a tremendous victory for Democrats, the American people and I believe for future of our World. Barack Obama is our President-Elect and won by a landslide.

So much happiness, yet last night I couldn't stop crying over the pending passage of Prop 8 to once again ban gay marriage in the state of California.

This news is devastating to my family as to many of you but I know this is a fight that we will win. It might not win it tomorrow but we will win it within our lifetime and I personally vow to keep fighting for progress.

Now here's the good news, this morning I was forwarded a link to the Washington Blade informing us that the fight back has already begun.



"SF City Attorney to file legal challenge to Prop 8
Measure leads with 52 percent of vote
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) | Nov 5, 12:02 PM

The San Francisco City Attorney's office says he plans to challenge the validity of a ballot measure that would change the state constitution to ban gay marriage.

Spokesman Matt Dorsey says City Attorney Dennis Herrera will file the legal challenge in the California Supreme Court if the measure passes.

With 95% of precincts reporting, Proposition 8 is leading with 52% of the vote. But there are still as many as 3 million ballots left to be counted.

The first lesbian couple to be married in Los Angeles County after the Supreme Court threw out the gay marriage ban also plans to announce a lawsuit against Proposition 8. Attorney Gloria Allred says that lawsuit will argue that the measure is unconstitutional."


Julie said...

I vow to keep fighting as well. A bittersweet night. Hopefully Obama will be a leader that is sympathetic to our rights, much unlike Bush. We will see where these next four years will take us. But I do have to say, for the first time in 8 years, I am proud to be an American.

aviva said...

Well, that's good news... I was hoping someone would file a lawsuit if Prop 8 passed. I was so excited last night, yet my happiness at Obama's landslide victory was seriously tempered by the news about Prop 8.

Collins said...

i had 20 minutes of unadulterated joy celebrating barack's win in atlanta. and then my mom called from florida to relay the passage of amendment 2. and then arkansas passed their gay adoption ban. then arizona. and it seems california is following suit.

it is unacceptable that i was not able to rejoice with the rest of my friends and our country because of discrimination being written into as many as four state constitutions. but i urge you to keep fighting. i plan to do what i can from here. we can still overcome.

Jessica said...

I know I'm like the last person to hear the news about prop 8 but let me just say that this really upsets me.

Hopefully things will change and soon.

anytime_now said...

I must say, I didn't exactly get the best sleep last night, because of it.

But change is inevitable. Our rights would come in time. We've just got to keep pressing on, persevering until that day comes. (:

On a lighter note:
- quoted from Barack Obama; Bob the Builder

Anonymous said...

In short, the theory of relativity basically means that the faster you move, the slower time goes. Unfortunately, this same theory applies to progress -- the faster humans progress, the more old fears tend to stall that progress. We crave and yet are afraid of advancement, especially when it comes to understanding love. Love is a relativity theory and scientific law all rolled into one prediction..we don't want to understand people, we want to judge them. And the power of this judgment keeps people in an illusion of control and limits the freedom of those oppressed. But I guess the journey is what's important. By the way, thanks Bridget for continuing to fight for our rights by simply being visible, and allowing us to share in your confidence and hope for a better future.

gold-digger said...

Inasmuch as I share in your happiness for having elected a leader who promises to usher America(and the rest of the world, i suppose)to a brighter future, i also commiserate with you on the passage of a law that practically institutionalizes discrimination. But, as you said, the fight continues, and if you don't win today,maybe tomorrow...

Voodoun Romance said...

I don't have anything remotely insightful or encouraging to add to this subject, but I would just like to say this:

FUCK YOU, PROP 8!! You're like a wee, saggy, shrivilled pair of BALLS to me! Fuckin' disgusting!

Ahem. Thank you.

pyewacket said...

There is little joy in mudville for me.

While I do agree it will be nice to not be used by the ruling party as the scapegoat whenever they want to get their extremist base all fired up...

it doesn't feel so good to know that in the states where there were ballot issues regarding gay marriage and adoption rights...

that many of the record number of voters who were so fired up to vote yes we can for Barack Obama...

were also fired up to vote no you cannot.

I have never felt so separate and not equal in my life.