Thursday, December 11, 2008


I love Wanda Sykes and I also appreciate Jay Leno but last night on LATE NIGHT I was very disappointed with Wanda's interview on the show.

It's wonderful that Wanda has "come out" and is acting like a gay leader because gay visability truly matters but I'm wondering is it too little too late? Where was Wanda before the passage of Prop 8? She DID speak out against gay discrimination and her support of gay marriage BUT she didn't make any big announcements, like her being gay and married to a woman, to help support the cause or get people to change their conservative minds until after the vote and everything was said and done.

During last night's LATE NIGHT interview, Wanda and Jay discussed prop 8, a day without a gay and Jay (who is gay friendly) joked that he made Wanda gay because he hit on her.

Jay also joked that if lesbian couples went to straight men's houses and had sex in front of them then maybe straight men would support gay marriage. ummm...what?

I do realize this comment was made in jest and I hate being a stereotypical critical lesbian but I was truly offended by that remark. The entire point of prop 8 and gay equality is that we don't want to be discriminated against and treated differently. Do you think if Ben Affleck was the guest Jay would ask Ben and his wife, Jennifer Garner, to go "make-love" on some stranger's floor?

I want my relationship to be respected just like I respect straight couples relationships. My monogamous lesbian relationship shouldn't be disregarded as a straight guys fantasy of long haired long nailed femmes.

Once again, I commend Wanda for spending her interview time discussing gay issues. But it would have been helpful to promote an organization that is currently fighting back to overturn prop 8 like the COURAGE CAMPAIGN. LATE NIGHT has a huge audience and if the gay and gay friendly people knew where to go now with their donations and support then it could really make a difference.

p.s. I truly respect Wanda and Jay. I'm just overly sensitive when if comes to me and my wife's civil rights.


anytime_now said...

Well put.

Lainey said...

I completely agree with you, Bridget! Well said!

Anonymous said...

she's gay?! i honestly had no clue and to think i've seen a lot of her comedy, boy learn something new everyday-besides in college, that doesn't count...that knowledge is forced upon you.

oh check out my page sometime, your featured on it ;) bye now

whitelabcoat said...

Agreed - I'm sick of the straight dude girl-on-girl fantasy, as if that's the only possible reason 'lesbians' ('cuz, you know, apparently guys are entitled to drool over all women, and we can't disappoint them by actually being gay, right?) should be allowed to exist. I'm not even so sure Leno is that gay-friendly. He seems to rely on offensive stereotypes quite a lot, even if he's theoretically for gay rights. Didn't he piss a lot of people off quite recently when he asked some actor to give the camera his 'gayest look'?