Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The dentist made me cry

Today I went to the dentist. I made the appointment a long time ago so I forgot exactly what I was going in for.
"Going in for" sounds like I'm explaining my prison sentence. Well apparently, I was going in to cry all over myself and make the dentist and his staff uncomfortable. The appointment was for removal of a filling or replacing something or adding something. Actually I have no idea what happened. I really should know but I trusted my dentist because he's a doctor! Even though the dentist was just recently referred to me and I have no history with him. Am I too trusting? ummm...that's a whole nother blog...As I sat down in the dentist's chair I listened to mexican Christmas carols as the dental assistant placed a red lobster neck nap on me and promptly stabbed me with a needle without any warning. I immediately started to cry, not because of the pain, but because I have a needle phobia. My fear of needles stems from my childhood. I was always in and out of the hospital getting shots for my asthma. I tried to overcome my phobia by getting tattoos. I have three tattoos and I passed out during the first and second one. The third tattoo I screamed like a little bitch until the tattoo artist threatened to walk out halfway finished, so I sucked it up. I'm an ideal patient.So today after I got something removed or replace or added onto the left side of my face I thanked the dentist as he handed me my chart to return to the receptionist. On the top of my chart in red marker it red "WARNING: Needle Cryer"

Bridget Needle Cryer McManus

p.s. I have a follow up appointment next week. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I just hate PAYING the dentist. And for that kind of money, they can listen to a little crying! Luckily, my parents chose a dentist who had video games in his waiting room (that you got to play for free!). I was pretty much too busy playing Galaga to get a phobia.

Natazzz said...

Seriously? I would change dentists.

I don't know what it's like in the US, but over here in the Netherlands we have special dentists for people with phobias.

They are nice and understanding and don't just jab you with needles and mark your charts.

Sabriel said...

That's horrible! Really feeling for you :( I've been with my dentist since a kid so fortunately he knows about my needle phobia and is very good with me, I dont have an injection for fillings... instead he drills for as long as he can and stops to give me a break when I make a "stop" mumbling noise or tap the seat! Last time the cute dental nurse even held my hand (I'm 23! I do have a phobia, not just saying that for her to hold my hand ;p )

pyewacket said...

I agree with the others who are suggesting you find a new dentist.

While not quite having a phobia from my years of childhood asthma and allergy treatments, I do simply hate them because they hurt...and never had an urge to get a tattoo to try to get over the fact that needles, by their nature, do hurt.

It sounds like no one in that office has any people skills and I wouldn't recommend going to them even if the patient had no needle issues.

There are offices that do cater to children...and adults...who have some sort of issue with going to the just need to make a few calls to the offices and ask a few questions...before even making your first appointment.

Just don't do it to yourself and go back to are not the one with the problem...they are.

frenchy kitten said...

I'm french and i also have a needle phobia (thanks to my brother)
and to try to get over my fear, i get a tatoo. But that didn't scare me because you don't see the needle, instead i want to get some more.
So i decided to go further and decide to give my blood, and that was very frightening (big needle)
i also had a dentist who wasn't nice to me, and even hurt me twice, but the third time i'm wasn't the only one in pain and for my next appointment he refused to take me (just for a hit in his crotch, what a sissy)
last year i realise that i couldn't get over my needle phobia, because even after the blood samples (i had around six), Gas of the blood, Be put under drip i'm still scare of needles.

frenchy kitten said...
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Tiburón said...

I've been reading your blog from beginning to end and how ironic that I read this entry today.

I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled -- er rather.. dug out of my gums today.

As I sat down, they hooked up the heart monitor and then just stuck the needle in me without warning. 3 deep breaths later I woke up feeling dizzy and confused with a mouth full of gauze.

I am now miserable. My mouth hurts so bad and my father made and brought over his delcious pasta, but blast, i don't think i can eat today. thank god for smoothies