Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Web Show!

Hi guys!

Today on, Briana Stockton (from BRAVO's WORKOUT) premiered her new workout show, Advanced P.E.!

The show documents 8 women (Karman and I included) as we get in shape for The Club Skirts Dinah, the largest lesbian gathering in the world for women. Briana is a fitness trainer and nutritional advocate who pushes our asses to the limit. Braina trains us 5 nights a week for 2hrs + and educates us on living on a raw food diet.

I'm really proud of this show and Briana. Please love her as much as I do. She really cares about women's health and to top it all off the at home viewer who sheds off the most weight by incorporating Briana's daily activities and practices proper healthy eating will have a chance to win a weekend VIP All Access Festival Pass to The Club Skirts.

See you at the Dinah!



diana said...

Go Bridget! Go Karman!

frenchy kitten said...

that's give me the motivation to do sports again, brianna is a good trainer.
As soon as my pain chest are gone i'll do some work out, until that i'm watching you and karman.