Thursday, March 19, 2009


My computer died yesterday and in this day and age one can not survive without a computer.

I called up my local MAC store to schedule an appointment with a "Mac Genius". That's what they call these 20 year old kids that fix computers at the MAC store- they call them "geniuses"

Seriously? Genius? Where's the modesty?

Anyway, I called to schedule a meeting with a MAC "genius" and the woman on the phone told me I would have to go online to schedule an appointment. My fucking computer broke.

I told the MAC receptionist...errr...genius that my fucking computer was broken therefore I couldn't go online and make an appointment, which is why I needed an appointment in the first place. And the "genius" said, "Sorry we can't make appointments over the phone, you can only make appointments online."

Does this make any sense to any of you? Geniuses my ass!

Luckily, I have more than one computer in my household and was able to make an appointment online and now my computer is A O K.

I must say that the MAC genius that fixed my computer was very nice. And when he hits puberty I'm sure he'll outgrow his acne.


7 comments: hates word verification said...

Ok, so that's ridiculously stupid. What if you DIDN'T have another computer?

Idiots. LOL

NONtRENDY said...

I HATE the Mac geniuses.
They are usually (but not all) a bunch of mac-asses! They tend to have a holier than thou attitude.

NONtRENDY said...
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Natazzz said...

I had a similar experience when my cellphone broke down, and the tech guys would continue to call me back on the cellphone number of my broken phone *shakes head*

TheWeyrd1 said...

SNICKER...I love how the genius' think that somehow if your 'puter breaks that you can still get online somewhere (inconveniently of course) to get up an appointment anyway. My new answer to that is SMARTPHONE. Just sayin'

yMarie said...

That makes no sense. You're on the phone already!

Anyways. I would hate it if all of a sudden my Mac just gave out on me. The closest Apple store of "Genius" Bar around here is 6 or 8 hours away.
And I don't think I can trust my Mac with the Geek Squad. No quotes needed there.

RoaOC said...

That's beyond ridiculous. From a customer service standpoint, it's unforgivable. But, it's Apple, so, I'm not surprised.

Honestly, Apple's unrelenting arrogance is the primary reason I have always and will always own PCs.

Comparing Macs and PCs to women.. Macs are like that really hot girl who's extremely high maintenance, expects you to do all of the work in bed, but looks fantastic lounging poolside. PCs are like that super cute, funny girl who wakes you up in the morning in the best possible way, then makes you breakfast.

Oops, my bias is showing.