Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Does food heal you?

Sometimes when I'm feeling really shitty about myself I eat junk food to make myself feel better and then of course I inevitably feel shitty from eating the junk food. It makes sense for the moment and then all bets are off.

Below is a list my favorite naughty foods. Let's just "pretend" I ate onion rings tonight.

#1 Milkshakes (chocolate, double chocolate and triple chocolate)
#2 Diet Cherry Coke with gallons of grenadine.
#3 Onion rings.
#4 Potato salad.
#5 Brownies with cream cheese frosting.
#6 Cadbury mini eggs. (let's be honest that should be #1 on my list- thank GAWD they only come out once a year)
#7 Macaroni salad. (apparently I like mayonnaise)
#8 My mom's chocolate fudge cake with vanilla frosting. yum yum.
#9 Cheetos
#10 Fried mozzarella

What are your favorite naughty foods?

50688onion rings


dam2007 said...

You have more "fun" junk food than Sweden. The only thing we have is pizza, kebbab or hamburger...

Hot Pink Cupcake said...

And that's why the Swedes aren't FAT. Gosh darn it, why couldn't I have been Swedish. And by the way, dam2007 do you have Swedish Fish in Sweden? We have them here, it's one of our "fun" junk foods. Yummy!

#1 Reese’s peanut butter cups
#2 Brownies
#3 Chocolate Chip Cookies
#4 Ice cream - Chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chip mint. Can you see a pattern here?
#5 what I call moist devil dog cake...devil's food cake mix and FLUFFY white icing.
#6 BBQ flavored Fritos
#7 Potato Chips with onion dip
#8 Pretzels dipped in Alouette
#9 Cheetos

Akaisha said...

Damn, woman. If I ate ANY of that, my body would hit me upside the head with a baseball bat. (but I don't blame you for the mayonnaise addiction...)

yMarie said...

I rarely eat my "naughty" foods. But when I really need them, it could be one of the following.

1. onion rings
2. cream cheese jalapeno poppers.
3. chocolate kiss w/almonds
4. Dr.Pepper (lots of it)
5. slurpee
6. anything potato, and fried.

Lainey said...

Creamy Cheese Cake with a good strong cup of coffee!
Almond Roca - I can eat the whole can!LOL
Cheez-Its - I can eat the whole box!LOL
Brownies - I can eat the whole batch!
Chocolate Cookies - Again.....the whole batch!
Cheetos - yep..the whole bag!
French Fries

I rarely eat naughty foods but when I do...ohh boy!

Natazzz said...

Deep fried cream cheese stuffed peppers :-)

Loucritia13 said...

My "shame" list! :P

(I really try to avoid all that stuff but...I love them!!)

1.Burgers-club sandwitches
2.Souvlaki (Yep, I'm greek all the way, and I like it with a lot of tzatziki)
3.Pizza (Not with spicy stuff though!)
5.Ice Cream
6.French Fries (Going straight to my thighs!!)
7.Anything...I mean ANYTHING with chocolate!

Rad-a-two-ee said...

bridget, potato SALAD. macaroni SALAD. i mean these are vegetables, totally doesnt count. i lurve some good potato salad btw.