Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Kill Yourself!

I've been cruising around New England with a car full of comedians and one of them told me that toll booth collectors have a high suicide rate. (There are a lot toll roads in New England and I accidently went thru the Mass Pike toll without paying- but that's another story and it wasn't my fault.)

So apparently, there is a study that says if you say more than 17 words to a toll booth collector it changes their entire outlook on a day. When I heard that I started chatting up every toll booth I drove through if they liked it or not. Out of 7 toll booths 6 collectors smiled and wanted to talk longer.

If you come in contact with a toll booth collector or anyone else that is in need of a smile-give it to them. Who knows it could even save their life.

p.s. My mom just hit me in the head with a door. She claims it was an accident.



HidingInPlainSight007 said...

Oh, Bridget! Ever thought of creating a bubble-wrap body condom for yourself?!? Sounds like you need it!!! You should at least wear a helmet wherever you go!

I always try to treat people like toll booth operators kindly...I'm sure their job must suck, they get paid crap, & I can sympathize with how they must feel.

yMarie said...

I don't know if this is true but it sounds like it could be.

I don't ever go through those things but next time I do I will remember what you just said.