Sunday, May 31, 2009


In today's BRUNCH I'm in bed Ghostella's Haunted Tomb star Heidi Martinuzzi!

Heidi is the founder of Pretty-Scary.Net, a film site for women in horror, by women in horror.

With my assistance, Heidi gives a tutorial on shooting the infamous horror shower scene, explains why romantic comedies are just like slasher films and finally announces to the world that she is in fact GAY (even though she really isn't).

Confused? Then watch the episode figure it all out.





Susanna said...

I really like Heidi's sense of humor.
Her dog Princess reminded me of my cat Duchess. Actually, her name was Duchessa, since she was an Italian cat. I think I was five or six back then. When I first met Duchessa, she acted like she was a celebrity and we were all her minions. She kept hissing all over the place and she was particularly snobbish towards my other cat, Luigino. Luigino was a simple cat, perhaps a "working class cat" and Duchessa noticed their class difference right away.
Eventually we found out that she was just posing : Every once in a while she would disappear and when she came back she was always pregnant. I have reason to believe that she consorted with the cats in the streets. Duchessa wasn't that high maintenance after all.She was a true "alley cat".
I wonder if Luigino knew all along.....
Ok, this is getting too long. I just wanted to share my cat memories with you.
Bye Bridget. You rock, as usual.

Claire said...

I'm looking forward to finding out what Shark Vs. Bear is.

Without context, it makes me think of a t-shirt my friend has that reads: My Baby Got Stole By A Bear Holding A Shark!!

And of course, there's a drawing of it which makes me laugh.