Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm incapable of not ordering a tuna melt.

Today I ordered a tuna fish sandwich with cheese. The woman at the deli counter asked if I wanted a tuna melt to which I replied, "Sure." I sat down at a table and waited for my sandwich to get made and then remembered:

I HATE TUNA MELTS! What the hell is wrong with me?

There is something really creepy about warm tuna fish and warm mayonnaise.

My loving wife went to the rescue and tried to have them fix it but they didn't seem to understand
that cheese on a sandwich didn't have to be melted. They offered to either
give me the sandwich cold without cheese or give me the original tuna melt. Having the cheese
unmelted wasn't an option.

In the end my lunch sucked it and I still have no idea why I agreed to a sandwich that I hated in
the first place.

Happy lunching!



diana said...

Warm mayo is never ok! I don't get why they do that...but I don't eat tuna anyway, so the whole thing sounds gross. Sorry your lunch sucked today. Maybe it will be better tomorrow.

Audrey said...

mmm...warm mayo

Renee Gannon said...

Warm mayo is best saved for "warm mayo wrestling" - it's the latest craze to take over lube wrestling - brought to you by the Food Network.

TheWeyrd1 said...

I'm allergic to tuna...except Albacore for some a tuna melt would NEVER happen. A tuna sandwich with melted cheese would never happen... Melted cheese alone...THAT would happen!

Susanna said...

I can totally relate. Every now and then, when the woman/guy at the counter asks me if I want something I DON'T WANT AT ALL, I say yes just out of sheer laziness.
Hope your next lunch will be better.
Enjoy whatever you're going to eat.
Speaking about lunch,I can't wait to watch your next "Brunch"