Monday, July 27, 2009

Where's my gift?

Is it just me or as the older we get the less our family and friends feel inclined to dote on us for our birthdays? I wrote a blog for Ourscenetv venting my frustrating about the decline of cards and gifts we receive as we age.

How will you know that you are loved if you don't get materialistic presents on a regular basis? And if you're too poor to go shopping you can always give birthday spankings for free!

Where's my gift?



TheWeyrd1 said... I don't have your address, I can not send a card or gift. But happy birthday anyway!

TrueTor said...

i've had a gift to give you for ages Bridget!! i just haven't seen you. i'm gonna have to make to one of your shows soon to give it to you :)

Sonianv said...

your love language is probably "Receiving Gifts." lol. i read this book called The Five Love Languages and one of the languages of love is "Receiving Gifts" which is my primary love language. Well, according to what the book talks about i'm bilingual when it comes to love languages. My primary love languages are "Quality Time" and "Receiving Gifts" which is one of the reasons i feel bummed when I get like 3 gifts on my bday. lol.

Susanna said...

What are your favorite TV shows? If you let me know, I will buy you a toy replica of something from one of those shows.
I'm not kidding. I'm serious. I'm just like you. I like buying gifts for everybody I know.
P.S. Have you already got Harry Potter's action figure?