Sunday, September 13, 2009

BRUNCH with "Music & Mayhem"

This "best of" Brunch with Bridget episode is all about the "Music & Mayhem".

You'll see some never-before-seen footage as well as the music and magic of Jackie Jones, Rebecca Drysdale, Nicol Paone, Heidi Martinuzzi, Marnie Alton, Melange Lavonne, The Ukulady, Nisha Ganatra, Page Hurwitz, Fortune Feimster, Sick of Sarah's Abisha Uhl and more.

I laughed editing it so I hope you enjoy it to.

BRUNCH "Music & Mayhem"



Claire said...

The clips did make me laugh.

Have you learned to tune a guitar yet? Or play any chords besides G? I would gladly teach you at least that much next time I'm in LA without being drunk or sexually harassing you.

A guitar looks good in your hands, so don't give up on it (unless of course there's other stuff you'd really prefer to do).

Leah said...

Laughing is infectious. Thanks for infecting me:)