Thursday, September 3, 2009

Even I wouldn't hit a child!

I always complain about children, I don't like them, I don't want to have them blah blah, but I really don't feel that way. Some kids are actually really cute, especially when they topple over in their adorable little kids' outfits or give endless hugs and kisses. It's pretty much the screaming, crying, demanding and all the pooping that I have a problem with.

Today in Georgia, a 61 year old man at a Walmart (shocking revelation there) got annoyed at a crying 2 year old girl so he picked her up and smacked her across the face 4 times. He thought the child would be quiet after he abused her, yep, that's going to work.

Luckily, the man was arrested and charged with first degree cruelty to children (I've never even heard of that charge before!)

The child had slight redness on her face but she is now doing fine.

The moral of the story is:
I don't really hate kids, you shouldn't hit children (if they are yours or not) and Walmart is one trashy place to shop.

61 year old dickhead



RoaOC said...

Wow, just wow! I feel the same way about kids as you do, Bridget, but smacking a 2 year old in the face is unacceptable. The cops or the local lynch mob - it's Georgia, you know there are lynch mobs there - should slather this douchebag in bacon grease and release 6 or 7 jackals to chase him down. I hate people who abuse kids or old people.

|| Carol || said...

i also dont like kids very much but i would never ever hit one of them, they are too innocent and small! how could this man do that? im amazed, ppl can be so mean, cruelty scares me. im glad he got caught tho.

judy said...

For whatever reason,some people believe that if you hit an already crying child that will stop crying!
There have been many times when I have heard someone say to child "Shut up before I give you something to cry about!" I never have or never will understand that.

Ava said...

Y'know, if someone hit my two-year-old god daughter, I'm pretty sure I would END them. If they hit her four times, I'd get apocalyptic on his ass. Even his forefathers would be going, "Damn! Bitch can hit hard."