Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Coming to the East Coast!!!

Hi East coasters-

I'll be performing my band new comedy show, "PLEASE DON'T PET ME I'M WORKING" during Women's Week in Provincetown, MA from October 10-18. The fabulous Cat Davis will be opening up the show from October 10-12 and my mother will be in attendance and witnessing my standup for the very first time eva! I'm scared...I should clean up my act but I enjoy swearing way too f*cking much.

Here's the show information:
"Please Don't Pet Me I'm Working"
October 10-18
Post Office Cabaret
303 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA

10/10 SAT & 10/11 SUN @ 5:30 PM
10/12 MON - 10/14 WED @ 7 PM
10/15 THU- 10/18 SUN @ 5:3O PM

273 Commercial St., Provincetown, MA



K-La said...

I really want to see your show but it's to far for a one day trip. Hopefully you will come closer next time. Good luck. You always rock.

alex said...

when you going to do european tour? pleeeeeease *on my knee* * one knee because other is injured* * begging, not proposing...yet :) *

stephmay said...

i would dieee to go to the show with you and cat davis but i can't

Marissa12233 said...

I live on Cape Cod and ive been waiting for you to come to ptown! but im away at college 500 miles away and i cant go home at all because i play volleyball and it takes over my life

megan said...

Will you by any chance be recording this set to be sold as a cd?

Marin said...

Specifically Orlando or Tampa.

crasi4book said...

I'll be traveling to China