Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chained Child

When I was a kid I have a memory of my babysitter tying me to a tree as punishment for not eating my spaghetti-o's. To this day I'm 75% that it really happened but maybe I concocted it.

On today there is a story of a young boy in China who's father chains him up to make sure he's not stolen away from his family. The family has already had their daughter stolen. I obviously do NOT condone a child being treated like this but I also don't walk in these people's shoes everyday.

Whenever you're having a difficult day remember that others are going through a hard time as well.

Young Boy Chained

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MamaMya said...

Pass on spaghetti-o's? TOTALLY concocted story. What kid would pass on spaghetti-o's???