Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Who? Why?

Like a good lesbian, I watched tonight's SuperBowl game. Eagerly I awaited the quirky commercials. But, alas, every ad that aired was either extremely sexist (men like beer and women have to deal with stupid men), anti-choice (don't even get me started), or something for Budweiser (geesh I get it, Budweiser runs the NFL, CBS, and, apparently, my soul).

p.s. Danica Patrick isn't gay or an actress and can go fuck itself!

Anyway, besides the disappointing commercials, I was also shocked when the half-time show started and The Who stepped out on stage!

The Who? Exactly.

Don't get me wrong I'm not an ageist and I loved my grandfather, but come on! The fucking Who! Who cares about The Who? Answer: NO ONE!

Not only are The Who not relevant but they are not even American! I mean come on, nothing is more American than football and the SuperBowl! Well maybe except shooting first and asking questions later.

I was very unhappy when I saw the elderly barbershop quartet perform and I'm sure you were too. Here are the acts that would have rocked the SuperBowl:

#1 Anyone else, besides The Who

#2 Prince (he gave the best Half-Time show to date!)

#3 Lady Gaga

#4 Mary J. Blige

#5 Beth Ditto and The Gossip

#6 Amy Winehouse (4 years ago)

#7 Sick of Sarah

#8 Pink

#9 Timbaland with Justin Timberlake (as long as he doesn't remove anyone's clothing)



JadedRogue said...

The Who? Why? Because The Who provide the theme songs to CSI, CBS's money making franchise. My GF thought I was watching CSI when she came down stairs during half time! Dear Go Daddy: Danika is NOT gay, nor does she need to be to for us to support her career. Rock on, dot com....


Mom said...

For crying out loud! A band (and yes...2 people are STILL a band) who still sings and plays their instruments. Yes...they are in their 60's...yes, they are flat at times....Yes, it's not as powerful as a 25 year-old playing songs....but for f**ks sake, they AT LEAST are MUSICIANS! They are NOT a pretty face, with the right makeup, with the right stylist and PITCH CORRECTION ON THEIR VOICES TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE THEY CAN SING. They are a f**king rock and roll band!

limescentedkeys said...

I hate to be a pedantic lesbian, but Amy Winehouse couldn't be more of a Londoner if she tried!

WolfsGotYourTongue said...

LOL!! love the mom comment!

leeeah said...

Patti Stanger.

leeeah said...
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Lainey said...

Bridget - You left out Heart - shame on you - Ann & Nancy would've rocked that Bowl like crazy! I still adore you, even though I have absolutely no idea if you even like their music -