Monday, March 8, 2010

Worst kept secrets

Yesterday Sean Hayes "came out of the closet" and revealed to The Advocate that he is in fact gay! After years of dodging questions he's finally talking about his sexuality. One might say that now since he's not in the limelight he's using this revealation to get media attention for his new play. And one might say that he's a dick for being closeted in the first place. (But I don't like that one person.)

Here are other badly kept secrets:

Bill Clinton DID have sexual relations with that woman

Ellen's yep, I'm gay announcement

Rosie "comes out" to Diane Swayer and the world

Clay Aiken is gay..duh!

Brangelina is in fact a couple

1 comment:

Alice said...

A bit harsh on Sean Hayes ? I don't really think he's hid it as much as not said it in public directly. He accepted an award {I think an Emmy} where he pretty much admitted it.