Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good News

I love watching the news but it's always depressing and scary. My mother is obsessed with MSNBC and believes everything that the news reporters say. If they tell her to buy duct tape she buys every roll in the store.

Yes, the world is a scary place and yes, bad things happen everyday but there are also wonderful things that happen too.

So let's all try to do something good everyday and post it on our blogs, facebooks, twitter, etc and hopefully it will encourage others to do something good.

Don't caught up in the sadness. The world is a wonderful place!

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Dalice711 said...

I can't help being caught in the sadness...I just can't stop thinking about the thousands of gallons of oil being spilled into our ocean as we speak.
How are we supposed to forgive BP for this one big killing field!

But,you're right, the world is a wonderful place. Just not all the time,unfortunately.

Love your blogs!