Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sharing is Caring Part 4

Hello friendos! It's been a while since we've talked, bonded, shared something new about ourselves so below is the next installment of Sharing is caring!

Please share something about yourselves. And have a happy Friday (well, it's officially Thursday night)

-My favorite nuts are cashews.

-I have a really good hearing.

-I can't wait for the next Harry Potter movies to come out!

-I hate that there are so many straight white people on tv. Overall, I find their prospective to be boring and preachy.

-I read my book in bed every night before going to sleep.

-I'm allergic to peaches.

-I'm not a morning person but I love being awake with my family laying in bed in the morning.

-I love ricotta cheese on pizza.

-My living room has two velvet bean bags that my dog LOVES!

-I wear glasses with white frames.

-I have over 100 pairs of socks. (Is it "pair of socks" or "pairs of socks"?)

-I recently started painting. My wife says I should sell some of my paintings but I'm too scared to.

-I have no idea how to shape my eyebrows.

-I own two bikinis that I've never worn and probably will never wear (unless they are a part of a costume)

-Whenever I notice my feet I think of my sister's feet. Weird, right?

-I would not want to live forever.

-When I was 4 years old I remember digging in the sand at the beach and losing my Fred Flintstone ring. I never found the ring but I still remember exactly what that ring looks like.

Here's one of my paintings that I gave to my friend Glenda:


Kris said...

- I can't wait for the next Harry Potter movie either!! I'm hoping I'll get to see it the night before it comes out :)

- I also hate that there are so many straight white people on TV.

- Your painting is cool.

- I'm excited but nervous to start at a new school in September.

- I can't wait to be a certified interpreter :)

- I LOVE The Nanny. I watch it every night on Nick at Nite.

- I used to be a huge Mariah Carey fan. The downside: I spent tons of money on merchandise. The upside: I'm selling it all now.

- I applied to Victoria's Secret as a joke because I thought it would be a great place to pick up chicks. They actually called me back and I have an interview Monday.

Anonymous said...

- I think your painting is great

- I am terrible at painting my nails

-My bedroom is a mess, but if anyone comes in ad moves any single thing I can tell.

- My favorite curse word is fuck, and recently cunt, as a result of being in a production of the vagina monologues

-I think way too much

-I am excited and terrified to take a sign language class this fall

- I am a vegetarian, who doesn't like most vegetables.

- I don't seem to have much of an 'inner voice' filter, so I often say the first thing that comes to my mind, which has caused some awkward situations

- I work at an ice cream shop so when I am bored I invent new milkshake flavors.

Anonymous said...

- I like doing creative things like writing, drawing, scrapbooking but my creativity is almost inexistent so usually it's kind of difficult to create something

- I'm allergic to cats but I'm living with one right now and I love her to bits!

- I love sleeping in but I hate that then half of the day is already over when you wake up

- I like English more than German, my mother tongue...

- I'm really annoyed that you have to choose what to do in your future without really knowing what any job is like

- I like movies with a lesbian storyline but I think most of them really suck!

- This summer I ate so many strawberries that I'm kind of over them right now...

- At the moment I'm having a crush on the kindergarten teacher of my babysitting kid :D

- I'm a family person

- I really hate close-minded people who think they are the best and I'd like to punch them sometimes lol

- I love the smell of a mowed lawn

- I think I couldn't live without the internet anymore!

blank space said...

- i LOVE ice cream

- i over analyse EVERYTHING, to the point where it's becoming concerning!

- i love watching the tour de france on tv - although i don't cycle

- i see my ex-girlfriend once every week - i pretend we're on good terms and are 'friends', but really i feel alot of resentment towards her and don't like seeing her at all.

- i hate how competitive the people I work with are - it just isn't fun. lighten up people!

- my favourite fruit are blueberries

- i really like Bridget's painting, i'm slightly jealous of her friend now!

Kris said...

@megsterLampshade - Don't be terrified of sign language! I love it. I've been signing for a little over a year and I intend to be an interpreter one day :)

Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄..................................................................

Lainey said...

- I like cashews too, but if I had to pick one favorite nut, it would be almonds.

- I can't wait to see Toy Story 3

- I agree w/u on the straight white people thing

- I would really like to see a lesbian version of the movie "The Notebook"

- I should read a book every night, but by that time, I'm wiped out.

- I think Alex Witt, news anchor for MSNBC, is HOT!

-Sean Penn is my 3rd favorite peep on the planet. He's still in Haiti helping, & running/operating a temporary shelter. He's just absolutely incredible.

- Think I need reading glasses, but I keep putting it off.

- When I was 9, I lost a watch while playing tether ball. It was precious because my grandma gave it to me. I balled & scraped every inch of the pavement for hours looking for it until I found it - it was broken but all I cared about was that I found it, & I still have it today.

- I really don't like when people absolutely refuse to own their mistakes.

- I don't really buy different varieties of cheese but today i bought Mozzarella. What's up w/all the Mozzarellas ??? Whole Milk, Skim Milk, Natural...not sure which is better, so I went w/the Whole Milk...

-I recently had some very old photos of my grandma from the 20's, 30's, & 40's restored & framed. They came out *%%^^**^% beautiful, & are my new cherished treasures! They were custom-framed & matted w/museum glass. One of the frames is 100 years old, & just gorgeous! The work was expensive but worth every penny. I had a guy down in OC do the work. He's a definite 5 stars for this kind of stuff. His business is fascinating, & I could spend hours in his shop, blowing all my money there.

- I think you should just face your fear head on, and start selling those paintings. Bridget - your painting is gorgeous! I can totally see you at an art exhibit with your paintings displayed, and talking to the guests. Have you ever been to those? I attended one in Santa Monica w/the guy I mentioned above. We had fun & met some very interesting people. Your wife is right - you need to sell them. Who's to say Oprah wouldn't buy one of your pieces? The world of art is waiting for you, so don't keep them waiting or you will miss out!

Lainey said...
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Tegan said...

About shapeing your eyebrows what I do is go get them done by a proffesional nd if I cant afford going again later on or if I cant be botherd booking anouther appointment I just pluck the short little hairs that are regrowing nd it looks almost as good!

Tegan said...

-I come off as a realy cool person(not my own judgement iv been told by alot of people) but secretly im kind of a nerdy person who does things like collect Vynl records(old nd new) nd reads books.

-Everytime I write/type the word "alot" I have my year 12 English teachers voice in my head reminding me that "alot is still 1 word".

-Im obsessed with fashion nd music magazines, Im subscribed to like 6.

-Starting from feb next year im studying Digital photography, digital creativity nd graphic design for the nex 3 years.

-I secretly want to be an actress or be in a band.

-Im from South Africa nd lived there for 17 years,have lived in New Zealand for 2 nd in about 4 years after studies nd saveing up im moving to L.A.

-Im allergic to the weiredest things(anouther nerdy thing) like being in water for to long gives me a little rash on my arms nd legs, I cant have eggs or my face nd throught swells closed, No milk for me(soy only).

-I think Im allergic to winter aswell because I get realy bad flu symptoms almost constently throught out winter. Must be somthing in the air!

-Oh nd if a cat scratches me the whole area swells up nd gets itchy.

-I love my horse even though get thrown off almost everytime nd dislcated my hip bone once.

-I think your painting is funny nd I love it!

Phoenix Stone said...

- My cousin and I share custody of all the seasons of Xena... except season 1 because Gabrielle was annoying, and season 6 because we're still in denial about Xena dying.

- I'm going back to school in the fall and I'm terrified. Last time I was in school I went off the deep end and developed an eating disorder, and the only thing keeping me from doing that again is me... which isn't that comforting a thought.

- I taught my dog, Desi, to moo with me at the end of "over the moon" from Rent.

- Peanut butter makes almost everything more enjoyable

- I think guns are cool but I'll never be one of those people that buys them just to go to the shooting range. I think when you pick up a deadly weapon you have to be willing to kill someone. And I definitely am not willing.

- My feet are always cold, and always bare. ...There's probably a correlation there.

- When I think of summer I think of my grandpa frying fish on the deck...always barefoot and always in cut-off shorts and a fishing hat.

- I heard Ace of Bass on the radio the other day and I regressed and squealed like a 10 year old.

- I hate shoe shopping. Hate.

- When I grow up I want to be a singer in a piano bar in 1935. Time machines should be available by then, right?