Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharing is Caring Part 7

Hello friendos! It's time for another EDITION of Sharing is Caring! As you know, we share things about ourselves and then we care about what we've learned about each other. Unless you're an uncaring dick. But hopefully, you're not.

Ok, here's my list of things you might not know about me:

1. I HATE mustard!

2. Everything my dog does makes me smile. Even when she behaves badly.

3. I am always cold.

4. Every day I dance around my house.

5. I have a toilet paper key chain.

6. I only wear high heals that have straps across the top. I fear that if they don't then they will fall off my feet.

7. I use to wear my dad's overalls to school.

8. In college I was a licensed aerobics instructor.

9. Christmas music makes me cry.

10. My feet have shrunk a half size in the last 5 years.

11. I miss playing volleyball.

12. I get creeped out when my nails are too long.


Now, it's your turn! Tell me about you.


RayshullS said...

- My favorite colors are gray, white and hot pink. Especially when they are all together.

- I drive a VW bug that my friends have nicknamed "Crayola" because it smells like crayons.

- I love putting clean socks, nothing makes me happier.

- Everything my cat does makes me smile, even when he misbehaves (Yea, I kinda stole that from you)

- I wanted to be a country singer for years while growing up.

- I had a crush on a teacher almost every year of school since 1st grade. I never told anyone (until just now)

- I love Brussel sprouts.

- I hate any kind of nuts; peanuts, cashews, almonds.. etc. They all taste like wood to me.

- I am afraid of most dogs.

- I dislike the color green.

Shenelle said...

~ I love to build stuff with legos.

~I love the feeling of falling asleep.

~When I watch sad movies I tend to get very attached to the characters and may even cry.

~ I always look at the moon everynight before I go to bed.

~ I peel bananas upside down.

~I hate it when other people use my stuff without asking....especially my toothbrush.

~ I love drinking water.

~ I'd do anything to help my friends.

~ I really want to pierce my tongue but everyone tells me its a bad idea.

~ I want to travel to every country someday.

Sandra said...

*I LOVE the color red like I seriously accessorize as much as I can in red.

*I think Canadians have the right idea in how to govern a country.

*It really upsets me when I see assholes on the street who act like they are the shit.

*I seriously think that without music and comedy in the world, that we would all be silent, serious dicks.

*I love to laugh and I very much enjoy going to comedy clubs.

*Concert-going is one of my favorite pastimes.

*I wear glasses but I'm so self conscious about them (always have been).

*Sometimes I zone out and I become so lost in my thoughts that I literally block the entire world out.

fashuneesta said...

Since you did 12 things:

1. I am officially one degree from Paris Hilton- and, no, I don't have herpes.

2. I was born with a tooth in my mouth.

3. When I was 19, I spontaneously become lactose intolerant.

4. I am physically incapable of riding a bicycle, whistling, or snapping. Many have tried to teach me- all have failed.

5. I am 4' 11" and was born on March 23. I recently discovered my birthday is my height. 3/23= 3 ft. 23 inches= 4' 11"

6. I can go on any roller coaster, but ferris wheels freak me out.

7. I haven't had a caffeinated drink in over five years.

8. On my first day of college, my hair magically turned straight. It has not been curly or wavy since.

9. Comedians who have spoken directly to me during their routines: Ant, Jimmy Fallon, Demitri Martin, Carlos Alazraqui.

10. I once accidentally went to school with a bra around my waist. I didn't notice it until third period.

11. My first kiss was with a guy friend in his basement when I was twelve. I immediately kicked him in the balls... I was saving myself for Daniel Radcliffe.

12. Thinking of twelve facts about myself was my greatest achievement thus far.

Emzy said...

- Im half english and half german
- I dont have any problems with spiders or snakes but if i see a grasshopper i freak out
- I only wear rings on my right hand
- When I was 6 i told my naighbor that my mom wouldnt led me pee at our place so i could go there (and she believed me)
- I can move my fingertipps sepretly
- When i first saw justin bieber i thought he was a girl
- I dont drink pure water i only drink juice and lemonade
- Im afraid of old people even thow i work in a retirement home
- I had a total of 26 bike accidents so far and im only 17
- I only feel at ease when i have a big mess around me

Marin said...

-My underwear almost always match my outfit ;)

ventitout said...

1. I love christmas but I hate winter.

2. I am 16.

3. I can do a Rubixs cube in under 3 minutes.

4. I hate fish.

5. I am about 5'11" tall.

6. I dislike how other countries view Canadians.

7. If you couldn't tell in 6, I am a proud Canadian.

8. I would like to travel to, or live in, Austrailia.

9. My favorite colour (this year) is purple.

10. I live in a small town with the pop. just over 3000.

11. I am very clumsy.

12. I hate hypocrites.

Lainey said...

Toilet Paper Key Chain???LOL - THAT is too funny!!!

1. Well, I don't have a toilet paper key chain but wish I did.

2. I have a silver "Heart" Logo key chain but don't have keys on it - don't want to scratch it.

3. I'm listening to Diana Krall right now (loud). The gentle breeze is blowing through the open windows & the neighborhood is quiet - she's singing "Body & Soul" - I love her music-it gives me the chills, those beautiful piano melodies! WOW!

4. I don't understand why some people have a very difficult time communicating their feelings.

5. I have no patience for people who have no common sense.

6. I don't know where people find the time for facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. I have a hard time keeping up w/emails & blogs.

7. I love the smell & feel of fresh linens

8. I love Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet ice cream. Actually I've always called it Sherbert - but the container says Sherbet - who knew!

9. I have a very difficult time watching the animal shelter commercials where they show dogs/cats that have been abused - its soo heartbreaking & I get so angry that people could do these things to such beautiful creatures.

10. I get up every morning between 5am-530am, so I love to sleep in on saturdays.

11. I read the DWP's pamphlet this morning that came with my bill. It outlined from A-Z where water comes from - quite interesting!

12. I started running to the hollywood sign again - what a work out that is! Need to do that more often.

Mara said...

- I hate my feet

- I love a beautiful sunset on a beach

- I dislike people who say one thing and always do another!

- would like to write a letter in and put into a bottle and see where it goes :)

- the sound of children playing always makes me smile (reminds me of my childhood)

- loves farm life (my Grandparents own a farm and I love to just lay in the grass and listen to the sounds around me)

- would love for people to communicate the old fashion way face to face (no cell phones, facebook etc.....)

- but I do like Skype I can connect with all my friends overseas lol!

- I wish I was a size smaller

- the smell of the ocean makes me happy

- cannot eat Tilapia fish (taste like dirt yuck!)

- I don't like people who lie (life is to short just be honest)