Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is "McMANUSLAND"?

Hi guys- For the last few months I have been mentioning my new series McMANUSLAND which is premiering tomorrow (Wednesday, March 30th) on Tellofilms.com. For those of you have no idea what McMANUSLAND it is a four-part mockumentary series about my misadventures in Hollywood and the ride I take my family on.

Check out the teaser for McMANUSLAND:

Teaser for "McManusLand" by shelbythrasher1

McMANUSLAND stars my wife Karman Kregloe, Trish Bendix, Fortune Feimster (Chelsea Lately, Last Comic Standing), Kiva Jump, Elizabeth Mihelich and my children Taffy Davenport and Shelby Kregloe. Oh, and me!

Tomorrow Episode 1 of McMANUSLAND entitled: "I AM OPRAH" will be posted and new episodes will be posted every Wednesday (HUMP DAY!) on Tellofilms. Viewers can watch McMANUSLAND for $3.99 per month. The $3.99 subscription price also includes episodes of CowGirl Up, 3 Way, Brunch With Bridget and Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else. All for just $3.99!

McMANUSLAND has been a labor of love and I really hope you all check it out.

Here is an in depth synopsis of McMANUSLAND:

Comic actress Bridget McManus (that's me!) wants to be bigger than Oprah -- not in circumference, but in star power. Her only claim to “fame” is her variety show, “The Bridget McManus Half-Hour Comedy Hour,” on the low-rent gay TV network ICON. Unfortunately, that show has just been canceled.

Now she’s watching from the sidelines as her peers book big movies and become series regulars on successful television shows. They work, while Bridget sits at home making lists of the famous people she most resembles and watches Judge Judy reruns. Bridget doesn’t really look like Megan Fox, but why should that stop her from having Fox’s career?

Her level-headed wife, Karman, tries to be supportive and even offers some practical suggestions to get Bridget back on track, but Bridget has her own (slightly delusional) ideas about how to play the fame game. From identity theft and breaking and entering to creating her own action series, she’ll do anything to get back in the spotlight, and no friend, manager, or security guard is going to stop her.


And check out the Behind-the-scenes video of McMANUSLAND!

Behind the scenes of McManusLand by shelbythrasher1

Make sure to tune in tomorrow to check out McMANUSLAND and follow the show on Twitter!

Your subscriptions supports lesbian/bisexual filmmakers. If you want to be represented than help us create the projects you want to see!

Thank you and I love you all!



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