Sunday, April 22, 2007


I spent much of my afternoon hunting myspace for homosexuals that I went to high school with. But alas, all of my high school homos have found a way to avoid answering the "sexual orientation" question that myspace asks-they replied by saying: "UNDECIDED"

Ok people - I understand that you want your privacy but when your myspace page says "in a relationship" and there are only bull dykes on your myspace page and the person in the #1 friend spot is a bulldyke who's picture is all over your page and your picture is all over their page-then I think the response "UNDECIDED" is just insulting to your same sex partner and not tricking anyone else.

(*After proof reading the above blog I realized I am out for homo blood tonight. Maybe I'm just being insecure about my homosexuality (HAHA) or maybe just maybe I need a crew to roll with me to the WEHO pride parade. Either way being alone can be lonely and loneliness can make you feel like you're the only one. You are not alone homos - you are not alone)

Deep...I know...



leila marie said...

Welcome to blogger bridget. this is the first time I've ever found someone MySpace-style off of this thing and now I shall welcome you to the fold. I love that you do stand-up. I too have popped my stand-up cherry and am attempting to be funny in Japanese. Yikes! Good luck finding your MySpace homos!

Websketch said...

We agree that people should just own up and come out,especially when obvious, that is how I found you and am glad I did. We think your comedy is hilarious and thought provoking and I have just started reading your blog and love it! My partner and I just started a blog for all the lonely women out there tired of pick up spots and raunchy chat so come visit us. We did just start so keep that in mind as we build. So loving that you are our top link!

Anonymous said...

WOOOO! Finally someone addresses this shit! It took me a whole fucking YEAR to get my girlfriend to put "gay" on her myspace thingymajig. "Um....Babe...the picture of you drunkenly groping me at our homecomming dance while wearing a pride flag as a cape is a dead give away. You won't be shocking annnnyyyoonnneee."

Bridget you are filled to the brim with awesomness.