Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Introduction to Blogging

I must admit I'm a poser blogger. I've tried to keep up this blog but I get distracted especially when there is a sandwich around that I must eat...mmm...sandwiches...

This blog is dedicated to my new BFF Arlan who told me to make her a mixed tape. This is my actual response to her request which I felt needed to be shared with the world:

"I love the idea of making a mixed tape- it brings back memories of eating double stuff oreos, drinking NewYork seltzer and secretly watching Dirty Dancing in the basement- my mom wouldn't let me watch it because of the "sex scene"---(there was no real fucking sex scene in that movie)

Wouldn't it have been awesome if when the final dance was over in that movie, before the credits rolled, Baby busted out Parick Swayzes' dick on the dance floor and started sucking him off- I'd understand why I couldn't watch the movie then."

I wish I was a pervy 12 year old again- being a pervy 27 year old just isn't the same....


(FROM: July 12th, 2007)

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