Friday, August 31, 2007

Performing in the Boonies

I had a show in Covina, California last night.

Wait, what did I say? Covina? Where the FUCK is Covina?


I decided in my head beforehand that Covina was a town that had no running water and ate their own young, alas I was wrong. They have lots of running water, that's how they flush the babies' bones and hide them from the cops.

Anyway, I took this gig and performed in the boonies of Covina, CA in a "yocal" bar. These venues are always great and terrible at the same time. The great part is no one has heard of me and/or my jokes before, so I'm brilliant and new- like a shining penny. The terrible thing is when I get off stage the audience has no boundaries and they feel like they can attack me verbally, emotionally and even physically. I have been very fortunate in all the nights I have been doing comedy that no one has truly hurt me but it is difficult standing on stage every-night with only a mic and a dangling wire to protect you when you "out" yourself in front of a crowd full of breeders. I have had shows where some of the audience has shut down on me as soon as I announce that I'm gay. My objective as a comic is to make people laugh not to upset them.

I made a lot of friends at last night's show and I would absolutely go back to Covina and that particular venue but I could go without the chanting of the word "LESBIAN" as I walk to my car at the end of the night.



leila marie said...

Does anyone comment on your blog dude?
I know what that's like, so here's my big shout out.
Fuck those fuckers in Covina!
Death to all the ugly breeders!
(but if there are any hot single/straight ones heading to Tokyo in the near future please stop my blog and look me up)
Sorry I missed you in LA. I was only there for 2 days.
Next time Gadget!

Claudia said...

Did they by any chance have 3 eyes in Covina? I'm picturing Wrong Turn with all the incest, but minus the Eliza.

Claire said...

If you don't use email notification, you might never see this, but whatever.

I've been aware of you for about a week, watching BWBs and a couple standup clips, reading some posts and tweets. Your self-assuredness on BWB...well, you make it look easy.

As I read posts from 2 years ago, get a sense of your struggles, I'm just so much more impressed with you now. Your courage is inspiring.