Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too Many Gay Comics

I performed at a show this week where 3 out of the 10 comics were gay and had gay related material. That shocked all the other comics, EMCEE and audience members- "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE- THERE ARE GAY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!" Every single comic that went on stage commented on the strangeness of the "gay" themed show.

Now if there were 3 black comics and 7 white comics do you think the white comics would dare comment on the black comics presence? Of course not.

By the time I went on stage the audience was over all the gay talk and it ended up being my worst show ever. I have seen hundreds of straight comics talk about their relationships and I follow along with their stories to enjoy the punch-lines. So why when I bring up my partner and other gay relationships people stop in their tracks. Relationships, gay or straight are all the same- Loving, Fucked Up, Emotional and Essential to our lives.

I, Bridget McManus, dubbed today- NATIONAL GROW THE FUCK UP DAY. Dedicated to all the straight comics that can't handle the new wave of smart gay comics. We're here, we're queer and in many cases we're funnier than you.



Claudia said...

Surely everyday is "Grow the fuck up day", especially when it comes to the double standards being set.


Nicole said...

well said! i think some nut shots are in order.

Vance the Anti Rance said...

Well straight people suck...literally.