Friday, December 7, 2007


This morning I woke up with my dog Winston spooning me, made a pot of my favorite starbucks coffee (breakfast blend) and ate 6 chocolate chip cookies while dipping them in my coffee. This is a good day.

2 weeks ago my 70 year old alcoholic neighbor woke me up at 7AM to warn me that my car was going to be towed (Hollywood was having their holiday parade and apparently my car was in the way). Thanks to the drunken neighborhood watch I moved my car in time to avoid a parking ticket and the tow. Last night I made my neighbor a batch of chocolate chip cookies to thank him and I kept 6 cookies for myself.

If two weeks ago my car wasn't parked in the wrong spot than today I wouldn't have had the best breakfast in the world. Everything happens for a reason.


(Written December 2, 2007)

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