Friday, December 7, 2007

Lazy Me

I promised myself a year ago that I would update this blog daily- and I lied! I lied to myself and to many others. I will re-take my blogging vows and schedule time to "reflect" on my day. Thank you for not judging my laziness (and my poor spelling)

This morning as I drink my starbucks tall drip, lay on my unmade bed and watch my money candle burn across the room from me I am deciding on my set list for tonight's comedy show.

Should I sing my new holiday song about Dying alone?

Should I sing with my tambourine the fan favorite: "I'll Love you Til the Lease Runs Out"?

Should I sing the revised "You Wouldn't Fuck me when I was fat, so Fuck You Fuck You" sing-along?

Should I NOT sing and do my new jokes about societal obligations vs. how we would "really" live our lives?

Should I get on stage and clean my wallet out? I really need to do that anyway.


p.s. I really will update this time. (It's as if I'm your drunk abusive husband and I swear I love you and will change..but will I?


Em said...

I'm glad you're going to blog more. I found this today and I like it.

Annie said...

Hiya! "Discovered" you today on, and I have now enjoyed your blog. Since I live in Sweden my chances of seeing you live are very slim (unless you would come and perform in my living room - I could gather some friends, we could make a night of it), so I hope I will see more of you on youtube. :-)

Maureen said...
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Maureen said...

give us this day our daily blog.