Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Government is Tracking Us

My mom just called me and asked me to help her navigate the website. I sent her the exact link to the ANTM video blog knowing she's computer illiterate. While walking her through it I could tell she was lying to me about being on the website. My Mom made comments like- "Wow what a big picture of you!" (There is no big picture of me on the page)

So I asked her: "Mom, are you actually on the website?"

She said, "Don't get mad, but I'm too scared to go on it unless you tell me actually where to go".

I said, "Why Mom?"

She said, "Because sex sites throw pop-up windows all over your screen and the government can track them and I don't want the cops showing up at my front door to arrest me for being on a dirty website"

I said, "Mom, isn't a sex site! I wouldn't participate in a sex site."

She said, "I know that. But I figured it's a lesbian site so it will be tracked. Not that you're doing anything bad I just figured someone else would infiltrate the website and send me pop-ups that could be tracked by the government."

This is where I had a "Is the glass is half full or is the glass is half empty moment"-

I could be upset that my ignorant mother thinks the government is tracking all gay websites and therefore arresting homosexuals and their supportive parents all over the country.


I could be happy that my Mom called me to walk her through the website to find my vlog because she wants to support a project that I'm so proud to be apart of.

In the end we hung up the phone and my Mom said was going to wait until my Dad got home to help her with the computer.


p.s. I hope she doesn't freak when she sees me shoving my endless cleavage into the back of Karman's head.

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mega said...

I can see you have a special mother too! Aren't they great?
Although my mother is not as sympathetic to my homosexuality as yours, she's the best mom ever.
Hurray for (special) moms!

Ps-Merry Christmas