Thursday, December 27, 2007

Target is for Lovers!

I went to Target today to use my Christmas gift card (Jen I finally bought a toaster!) and the first thing I saw when I entered the store was a display of Valentines Day cards- WTF??? I'm still recovering from Christmas, New Years hasn't happened yet and now Target has to shove Valentines Day in my face. The dirt hasn't even settled on Christmas's grave and we're already building a Valentines Day mini-mall on top if it.

I realized that Target isn't being insensitive to Christmas- that instead Target is run by Aliens from the future. These Aliens exist 2 months ahead of us and Valentines Day is actually tomorrow in their world.

So hurry up and buy your Valentines Day cards before the Vluntron Aliens buy them all.

balloon art_46d60ec22eefd

alien love

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CINDY said...

Something about that second pic with the two of them is sick and wrong and yet strangely hot