Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tonight I went to one of my favorite restaurants and ordered some fish that had its entire skeleton in tact. (yes I'm a hypocrite vegetarian that occasionally eats fish- stop judging me)

I must say I felt like a FUCKING ROCK STAR spitting out half my meal into a napkin while trying to carry on a conversation.

December 11, 2007

Dear Mama and Daddy Fish,

Please stop reproducing your children that contain bones- it's not tasty.

Yours truly,

The monster that will eat your family Bridget McManus

(Not the Bridget McManus that was beaten to death by her husband with a shovel- the other Bridget McManus- the lesbo comic)


Maureen said...

Something smells fishy here.

schrk-fyn said...

i was a vegetarian who ate fish & my friend told me that krishna says if you put death into your body you will emit death.
it made me think if it applied to everything ... if you put a lot of drugs into your body would you emit drugs ... if you put a lot of chocolate into your body do you emit chocolate? (please note i've kept this really clean) you would be able to tell what everybody put into their body by the type of people they attracted - like the chocolate person would be surrounded by premenstrual women.
ps. why a one eyed prozzy from my city in particular?