Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I walked into my production office today (did you know that I work with a film producer making movies?) and my mom called my cell phone.

I answered and said, "Mom I'm at work can I call you back?"

She said, "No it's important!"

My mind immediately went to my Pa (my adopted dad) and his health.

ME: "Did something happen to Pa? Is he okay?"

MY MOM: "No No he's fine. It's about Daffy."

Daffy's my mom's 7 year old schnauzer. Since I hate Daffy I thought it might be good news after all.

ME: "Mom what's wrong with Daffy?"

MY MOM: "I was walking Daffy through the center of town and all of a sudden she stopped. I turned around and she was eating a jelly donut."

ME: "Did she choke?"

MY MOM: "No, she's fine but she really shouldn't be eating that. She's your Pa's daughter since Pa LOVES donuts!"

That's it. That's what was so important. I really don't have anything else to say because that is the end of the story. I'm glad I moved 3000 miles to the West Coast.




robin said...

my mom does the same damn thing. are they related?

Natazzz said...

Aren't moms great?
I mean, I don't get half of the stuff mine goes on about either...but she's the only one I'll let go on and on and on...