Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gayelle verse Lesbian

Have you heard the news? "Gayelle" is a newly invented word that means Lesbian. The Gayelles even have their own website that explains what the hell they are talking about:

Their website says: "The motivation that inspired the creation of a new word, meaning gay and female, is a long-standing and persistent distaste for the word lesbian. The invention of “gayelle” is with the idea and hope that it will have a worldwide appeal, and ultimately, supersede the word lesbian; a suitable replacement is necessary for positive language and the healthy self-esteem of the gay-female-population."

hmmmmm... i really don't know what to say. I guess if you feel more comfortable identifying yourself as a "gayelle" instead of a "lesbian", "gay" or my favorite "bull dyke" than rock on! Personally I think the word segregates us lesbians within ourselves. I imagine when the gayelles explain their new name to the straight people it's just going to confuse them more than they already are.

In summary, I think the word gayelle is SUPER FUCKING LAME. (but that's just me)

I do however enjoy the word Gazelle.



Cunty McFucklesticks said...

i dont like the word lesbian either. its got too many syllables. just call me gay. hooray!

the human lizard said...

gazelles are ace.

Natazzz said...

Oh Gawd. What is it with lesbians and their obsession with labels?