Friday, February 29, 2008

$400 Wednesday

This Wednesday was so frustrating for me that I had to wait two days before writing about it.

My cousin Jessica is in town and I'm showing her the sites (a.k.a. every gay place I know- I love to recruit the ladies) Anyway, I have an office in Beverly Hills and I stopped in to grab the mail and left my cousin in the car parked in a red zone with the flashers on (red zones apparently mean it's only for the devil)

Literally, in the 45 seconds that I ran to grab the mail a meter maid pulled up and started writing me a ticket. I came out and said my flashers were on and my cousin's in the car and not to worry because we were just leaving.

He said "Miss, getting your mail is NOT an emergency!" That is so sad and so true. It wasn't an emergency but I freaked out and told the meter maid to shut up and just give me the ticket- I should have gotten arrested for yelling but my rant scared him and he just printed the $70 ticket and ran away. I honestly thought about putting my car in reverse and running him over but Jessica really wanted to go to the beach and if I got arrested it would delay our trip.

So with my $70 ticket I drove to the beach. We parked at the Santa Monica Pier to see the ferris wheel and put our feet in the freezing water. I reached into my pocket for my cell phone and realized it was missing. I looked down the beach and saw it laying in the sand and then watched a wave cover it and take it into the sea.

I had 500 + phone numbers with A list industry people due to my film job and my cell phone drifted away into the water. A little girl ran in after it and gathered it up like a sea shell and took off in the other direction. I ran after her and she gave it back to me after I pleaded with her (little bitch)

My cell phone died in my arms that day on the beach.

RIP Motorola
9/10/07-2/27/08 (yes I only had this phone for 5 months because I broke my other phone on the set of a Home Depot commercial this fall)

Obviously, you can't survive without cell phones anymore so I ran to AT&T to buy a new one but since I resigned my plan this fall to get my last replacement phone that I got a huge discount on- I now didn't qualify for another discount so I had to buy the phone at retail price. The cheapest one in stock was $269 and after taxes came to $291- fucking awesome!

Before my day started I was in the hole $361. Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week.




Lo Snow said...

I'm sorry your day sucked so much. I TOTALLY understand. Except it was my friday last week that sucked. I lost my car keys, had to get my parents to overnight them to me which cost like $20. Plus I had valuble keys on that like my mail key which I had to pay $35 to replace. I also fell down the stairs cause I am clumsy and it just so happens my phone was in my back pocket. So I broke the screen so now I can't see anything. I can recieve calls, but not call other people...which is weird. I had just bought the phone like a month ago too for $ I have to go buy another one since my plan isn't out until May. So I think I actually have you $400 beat. This week has just sucked all together for everyone.

Vance the Anti Rance said...

Parking in LA is such a bitch. Especially when you try to find a space anywhere in Weho during the rush hour. It can be hell, I can empathize I got a seventy dollar ticket while waiting in line for pinkberry, but in the end it was worth it. Ce la vie.

M.H.O said...

Bridget. Bridget Bridget Bridget. So hot.