Monday, February 25, 2008

Iggy the iguana hating iguana

On today there is a story about Iggy, a pet iguana who swallowed an toy iguana. The little boy that owns Iggy feed the toy iguana to him. The news is calling Iggy a "cannibal" but I don't blame Iggy- I blame his idiot child owner who gave him the toy in the first place. Iggy survived thanks to a 24hour vet that removed the toy.

When I was a kid I owned a hamster named Peanut. I rarely played with Peanut because he use to bite me. (I would have bit me too) When I did take Peanut out of his cage I would put him in a rolley ball and spin him around until he got sick. At the time I didn't realize I was torturing Peanut- I was just a kid playing with my "toy" pet.

I propose that you have to be at least 10 years old or older to own a pet - OR the pets should be armed with weapons so they can fight back against there underage owners.

Click this link of you want to watch the story:



tocaya said...

wow... didn't know children were actually THAT stupid! but yeah, considering how I made my dog and my brother wrestle when we were about 7, I think children really are that stupid.
btw: I LOVED your latest BwB episode with Michelle Paradise! great stuff...

guesswho said...

my best friend has a cat, and her little sisters treat it like a stuff animal. sometimes i just want to let the cat out, but it would probably die, so i don't. but i can't help but to feel sorry for it. kids are cruel without realising it

Just Call Me Gimpy said...

When I was a kid, I loved my hamster. He was my friend. I liked playing outside so.....I though my hamster must like to play outside also. I put him and his cage outside. I didn't realize that hamsters would freeze to death in a snow storm. I was very upset when i went to get my hamster and he was a popsicle. I thought if we unfroze him he would come back to life, just like the flies we would catch and freeze then defrost. They would fly around why not my hamster?