Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm a Sore Loser- literally.

Yesterday my boyfriend Tom Brady and the Patriots lost the SuperBowl (I'm distraught too) I watched the game with my new group of friends and cheered on the Pats. I had Tom's number "12" painted on my face with red frosting and I proudly showed off my Tom Brady finger puppet (it's a little blue king with a crown on his head- since Tom is the King of Quarterbacks).

In the first quarter Jill Bennett and her team of NY Gianta thugs tore my little Tom Brady puppet away from me and beat my ass. Seriously, it was 5 against one. Today I am covered in bruises but I did get some good swings in and bit someone- I hope I drew blood.

In the end the Pats lost and after I got little Tom Brady back into my arms his little crown was partly torn. There will be revenge!




Sara said...

looks like your puppet got sacked during the game as much as the real brady did. hey-o!!

yenbar said...

And the problem with Jill Bennett beating your ass was....
Give me a break Bridget! Most women would pay good money to have Jill rough them up a little.Hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit!