Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fancy Dinner

My friend Lauren in San Francisco went out to a fancy smancy dinner with her sister tonight. When she got home she called me to brag about the fabulous meal. She said and I quote:

"The food was amazing. I am so full. And the best part is I'm not puking and shitting"

I don't understand why she told me that but it reiterates that Im the classiest person in my group of friends.

To all those who read this I hope you are NOT puking and shitting either.



TheWeyrd1 said...

I'm not having issues with P or S either. Course I stayed in last night and had a nice glass of wine along with a pot roast, which I made in my new crock pot. Better safe, than sorry I say...

Chi said...

Ever since i watched your BWB episode 2, I've been dying to ask--you weren't at the Slanted Door when you started feeling sick were you? Because then I would feel depressed about how i can never eat there again.

Just so you know, when i ate at Bissap Babob, I sick for days. Great drinks, not so edible food!