Friday, February 22, 2008


I should be working but instead I'm playing around online. On today there was a story of a 2 year boy old obsessed with Elmo (shocking, I know). His mother bought him a talking Elmo doll and when she replaced the batteries the Elmo started to say death threats- specifically "KILL JAMES!"

This Elmo is linked to a computer and learns names and catch phrases-apparently violent ones. The mother called Fisher Price and they weren't concerned when she told them about the evil doll and more importantly that her 2 year old started to repeat the murderous phrase (I bet the mother is going to try and sue for child-trama or some other bullshit)

The family kept the Elmo doll because it's the child's favorite. Fisher Price has offered to give them a voucher to replace the doll but as of now they are satisfied keeping it and putting it in high places so the child can't access it.

So what's the fucking point of keeping it? Replace the damn doll, take the batteries out or just throw it away! OR give it to me! I would love to have a creepy doll to cuddle at night that says "KILL JAMES" repeatedly. When I was a kid I had Simon...damn that was a good game.

I think the most important thing we should all focus on is:
Where's is James?
Is he ok?
Has Elmo and his thugs gotten to him already?

Here's a link to the story:




Natazzz said...

What is the world coming to when even Elmo is evil?

PUCRS - FAPSI - Conselho Deliberativo said...
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Vanessa C. said...

I'm from Brazil and when I was a child there was this toy, this doll named "FOFÃO" and some beautiful day of summer when a kid was playing with his fluffy best friend a knife hit him! yes, the knife was inside the doll, so it's not just ELMO that is evil, is the entire toy industry from the whole world!! hahahahaha

ps.: briget, would you marry me?

Angel said...

That was the first thing I asked myself..."is James ok?". Well, it was the 2nd only after "Who the eff is James?"